RPM Auto Service Centre, 74 Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0NL, Phone: 01924 412999, Email: [email protected]

Environmental policy

As a responsible producer of waste we are very careful to make sure that all by products from our work are disposed of responsibly and safely. We have a registered waste producer number which is given to all our waste collection companies so all waste can be traced and disposed of correctly. Waste packaging and all clean waste is taken by Kirklees council to their recycling centers. Waste tyres are collected by a company in Huddersfield and sent for recycling. Waste oil, oil filters, antifreeze, brake fluid and mixed fuel is collected and taken for reprocessing. Scrap metal is separated in to ferrous and non ferrous and taken to a scrap metal merchant in Ravensthorpe for recycling. Wherever possible we try and have as much of our waste products recycled and removed and disposed of locally. 

We have a 30kw solar electric system covering the roof of our workshop which generates enough power to cover all our electricity useage now and in the future as well as feeding back into the national grid.